META-Evolution Project Exhibitis at Design Shanghai 2013

Image courtesy of YLCS Architecture 网站发布

[META-Evolution] project was invited to participate Design Shanghai 2013.

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Wang Shuo Exhibits Work at West Bund Biennale 2013

Water Tower Renovation exhibits at 2013 Shanghai West Bund : A Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary Art.
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Water Tower Pavilion Won the Excelence Award by WACA

Water Tower Pavilion (Renovation) won the Excellence Award of the 2013 World Chinese Architects Award.
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META-SCAPE installation for the AMI Exhibition


Image Courtesy Fang Chun

META-Project was invited to participate the AMI(Approporiate Mutate Innovate) exhibition during the Beijing Design Week 2013. The theme of the AMI exhibition was to showcase new designs, methods of fabrication and recycling or up cycling of commonly used and thrown away materials into designed objects.
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Water Tower Pavilion Published on Design 360

Design 360 (观念与设计杂志) | 2013
An interview with Wang Shuo on the water tower renovation project was published on Design 360 (Concept and Design Magazine) 2013 September Issue, Vol.47. Read more »

Water Tower Pavilion (Renovation) Completed

Water Tower Pavilion (Renovation) | Shenyang, China

Image Courtesy Chen Su 网站发布 网站发布

META-Project, a Beijing based research-design studio has recently completed a renovation for VANKE China that infused new life into the dilapidated water tower in an exquisite way. Read more »

RESET Research Book Completed

For many years, META-Project has been focusing on the transformation of contemporary urban culture, and exploring possible spatial mutations it generates. The RESET research objective is basic: to design a spatial layout that is adaptive according to the inhabitant’s various usages. Counter-intuitively, this task is highly complicated because of the complexity and unpredictability of everyday life.

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Huludao Beach Exhibit Center Published on UED

Article titled “Liaoning Huludao Beach Exhibition Center by META-Project” published on UED (城市·环境·设计) 2012 June Issue, 总第62期 Read more »

underSTREET Parking Tower published on MODERN DECORATION

Article titled “underSTREET Parking Tower” published on MODERN DECORATION (现代装饰) 2012 June Issue, 总第249期 Read more »

Huludao Beach Exhibit Center published on a+a

Article titled “Suspending Box” published on a+a (建筑&艺术) 2012 April Issue, 第32卷,总第200期 Read more »

School+ WORKSHOP:Finland-Beijing architecture exchange on educational spaces

School+ WORKSHOP | Beijing (2012)

Image Courtesy: Bert de Muynck – MovingCities

School+ WORKSHOP: Finland-Beijing architecture exchange on educational spaces

学校+ 工作坊:芬兰-北京教育空间建筑交流

Wang Shuo is invited by MovingCities, together with  Newly Drawn and  World Architecture Magazine《世界建筑》 to organizes and participates in a three-day ‘School+ WORKSHOP’ & symposium from March 23rd to 25th. Hosted by the School of Architecture – Tsinghua University, in Beijing. Read more »

Huludao Beach Exhibit Center Published on TIME+ARCHITECTURE


Article titled “Liaoning Huludao Beach Exhibition Center by META-Project” published on TIME+ARCHITECTURE (时代建筑) 2012 January Issue, 总第123期 Read more »

Huludao Beach Exhibit Center Completed

Beach Exhibit Center Completion | Huludao (Christmas 2011)

Image Courtesy Chen Su

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META-Project has completed the Huludao Beach Exhibit Center, a project which re-established the relationship between the cultural activities and it’s natural environment. Read more »

Huludao Beach Exhibit Center Interior Photos

Beach Exhibit Center Interior | Huludao (2011) Read more »

Show Unit for Huludao Capital Group Residential Completed

Show Unit | Huludao (2011)

Our experimental show unit for one of the 4 units in Huludao Capital Group Residential is completed. Below are some photo updates.

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Water Tower Renovation for Vanke

VANKE | Shenyang (2011)

Project Discription:

Client: Vanke Shenyang

Location: Shenyang, Liaoning

Design: 2011

Expected Completion:2012 Read more »

underSTREET Parking Tower

Parking Tower Competition | Hong Kong (2011)

The point of departure for this alternative parking tower is to understand parking not merely as infrastructural facility, but as an opportunity for redefining the relationship between transportation and public space – as the new metropolitan is anticipating an integrated solution that could combine both. Read more »

Huludao Beach Exhibit Center Construction Update

Beach Exhibit Center | Huludao (2011)

Huludao Beach Exhibit Center main structure completed. Here are some photo updates. Read more »

Show Unit Design for Huludao Capital Group Residential

Show Unit | Huludao (2011)

As an experimental model developed from the RESET Apartment, this show unit is designed to be adaptive using a simple ceiling track system. Based on the similar concept, the studio unit can switch from its natural condition – an empty rectangle space of 8.4m x 10.5m, to the condition that is ideal for the sales – a 2-bedroom apartment, while it also offers 4 other in-between conditions with customized spatial arrangement for use. Read more »

Shanghai Jiading Science and Cultural Exhibition Center

Jiading | Shanghai (2011)

This project is in collaboration with standardarchitecture.

The project locates in the Jiading New City, one of the most developed satellite cities of Shanghai, where a 4-kilometer long “central park” is planned right across the very core of the city. The site, which is a former plastic factory, will be revamped and altered to a complex exhibition center that will host 4 independent functions with vast public event space.  Read more »

RESET Apartment 重启宅

Existing Apartment | Beijing (2011)

The RESET Apartment functions as it’s name suggests: it can be arranged in many different ways according to the inhabitant’s usage, but when needed, it can be reset to the initial – most empty stage in a flash time. Read more »

Semester Review Jury at China Academy of Art

School of Architecture | CAA Xiangshan Campus (2011)

Image Courtesy Bert de Muynck

On June 2, the School of Architecture of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou Xiangshan Campus [CAA - 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院] organized the presentation of the final year projects. Wang Shuo | META-Project was invited to participate in the jury of the studio’s of Erhard An-He Kinzelbach and Haoru Chen. The first one dealt with the issue of aging, the second one with independent research. Read more »

Interior Design of Huludao Beach Exhibit Center

Beach Exhibit Center Interior | Huludao (2011)

While from the outside, the building reads as an abstract white volume protruded by several “boxes”, each realized with one tangible material: concrete, wood, metal or glass. The departurepoint for the interior of the show center is to enhance the sensory perception of the visitors.

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Huludao Beach Exhibit Center Start Construction

Beach Exhibit Center | Huludao (2011)

Huludao Beach Exhibit Center start construction! Here are some photo updates for the foundation and steel structure erection. Read more »

Final Semester Review for CUHK

School of Architecture, CUHK (2010)

Wang Shuo was invited to be the External Reviewer  at Chinese University of Hong Kong’s 2010 semester. Each year CUHK architecture school appoints 3 Studio External Reviewers, from senior members of the profession, will be members of the jury group for the entire school work. Read more »

Huludao Beach Exhibit Center for Capital Group

Beach Exhibit Center| Huludao (2010)

Public Engagement

The Show Center, which located next to the beach activity zone, is intended to become a “Public Stage”. It absorbs not only the reserved visitors, but also the public attention, and turns each event into a public show. While elevating the client’s expectation, it also enhances the social interactions and activates the entire gulf beach area. Read more »

Baotou Steel Boulevard Vision Planning

Vision for the future of Steel Boulevard | Baotou (2010)

Steel Boulevard, a street planned in 1955 by the soviet planner to be the public spine of the new garden city of Baotou, was a clear statement for the historical moment when the country is determined to build a new idealistic society for the people. 55 years later, we are in a very different world than what the Marxist has envisioned. The city of Baotou, with the garden city structure of the 1955 has successfully built its image as a uniquely happy and livable example of an industrial city. However the agenda behind the original intent of steel blvd still hasn’t been fulfilled for its function as a cultural and public spine. Read more »

Updating China Exhibition 更新中国展

Himalayas Art Museum | Shanghai (2010)

Wang Shuo was invited to participate in the exhibition ‘UPDATING CHINA’, which took place as an echo to the “Updating Germany” at the German Pavilion of 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale. ‘UPDATING CHINA’ will be presented at the pre-opening office of Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum from Sep. 5 to Oct. 5, 2010. Read more »

Wang Shuo Lectured at MK Gallery, Rotterdam

MK Gallery | Rotterdam (2010)

V2_ organized an exhibition and a series of presentations by Dutch and Chinese artists, curators, architects combined with international guests, all of which have been involved in collaborative projects. These presentations took place every Wednesday and Friday in the MK Gallery in Rotterdam. Read more »

Wang Shuo presented at Conference “Designing the Hybrid City”

Dutch Culture Centre | Shanghai (2010)

The Lecture Report

Urban Utopia or Distopia?

The human race has seen an explosion in urban living in the past half century. Today, the world’s population has for the first time in history cross the 50% urban threshold, from where the world becomes an urban society. As of china, the urban to rural proportion has grown from 30%/70% to 50%-50% within a decade, and is expected to reach 70%-30% in the second half of the century. Paradoxical as it may be, the past decade of urban development has generated a reality to its opposite end – a far more complex condition. Read more »

The 3rd-i Virtual City Exhibition

Dutch Culture Centre | Shanghai (2010)


Workshop video:

A multi-media installation project in collaboration with V2_ from Rotterdam, Shanghai eARTS and Cybercity Ruhr from Germany, presented during the 2010 World EXPO in Shanghai. It links the Shanghai exhibition location – Dutch Culture Centre – with an twin exhibition located in Rotterdam for a cross cultural exchange around the theme “virtual city in the future”. Read more »

Wang Shuo lectured at Tongji University

Tongji University | Shanghai (2010)

Wang Shuo gave a lecture in Tongji University, talking about the “Time Scale in Local Construction –From the Country to Tibet”. Followed by a forum discussion with Xie yingjun, Liuxiaodu, Yuan Feng, Liu jiakun ,Edward Ng and Li Xiangning. Read more »

“Mirror to Mirage” Tokyo Fashion Museum

Omotesando Street | Tokyo (2010)

Fashion, quite often is about the tension between showing and hiding. Tokyo is a city full of encounters and events. We are interested in making fashion physical in such a city – the building itself is switchable – transmitting live events from all over the city. The tower itself switches between showing and hiding, like the constant changes of fashion; or metaphorically, between mirrors that reflects reality in its glittering surface and a mirage of reflected desire in someone else’s space. Read more »

Wang Shuo lectured at ALSO SPACE

ALSO SPACE | Beijing (2009)

Shuo Wang gave a lecture titled “notes on the scale of space“in the event “ALSO SPACE” in Beijing, on December 23rd, 2009.

ALSO SPACE is a five day exhibition/meeting organized in a hotel in the deep city core of Beijing. Taking place from 19th till 23rd of December, 2009. The participating artists are mostly based in Beijing. They all come from different backgrounds-from musician, documentary makers or writer, to visual artist, architect or dancer. Read more »

Hang Zhou Power Plant Redevelopment Planning

Muoganshan Road | Hang Zhou (2009)

“Jewelry Box” is a planning proposal that aim at revitalize the Moganshan Power Plant campus to the north of the famous tourist destination “west lake” in Hangzhou. At the same time it offers an alternative commercial epicenter to the too-crowded historicsl city center on the east bank of the lake. Read more »

Wang Shuo’s Urban Research Project – WILD BE[IJ]ING Published on URBAN CHINA

URBAN CHINA (城市中国) | 2009

WangShuo’s urban research project WILD BE[IJ]ING is published on URBAN CHINA (城市中国) September 2009, issue 35

Full article can be found at


WILD BE[IJ]ING 狂野北京(或其他存在)

The Beijing Olympic Games presented us the image of a total integrated approach to the urbanity. It put up an extreme appearance that the city-state works as one mega-system with clear determination. Yet paradoxically, if you zoom in to the urban surface, out of the aesthetic of a perfectly manufactured stable image, emerges the fine grains of the proliferation of seemingly uncontrolled urban substances. The city is inundated with innovative urban upheavals – “vertical” eruption of the underground dynamics. Read more »

Wang Shuo’s interview with DCF published on BLUEPRINT ASIA

Blueprint Asia – issue 6 | Malaysia (2008)

Excerpt: In the past few years, it has been difficult to breach the at-times sensitive subject of contemporary China without predicting a verbal encounter with the term ‘urbanization’, the country’s hearty embrace of unbridled capitalism continuous to fuel the frenzied growth of its cities, garnering much critism from cultural theorists and conversation experts. Read more »

Open Air Park published on WORKING: DESIGN & RESEARCH


Article titled “ON AIR” about Wang Shuo’s work “Open Air Park” is Published on WORKING: DESIGN & RESEARCH by Rice University 04 issue. Read more »

Urban Park Installation

Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX (2005)

Open Air Park, a small urban installation in Houston, seeks to enhance, reveal, and animate the changing nature of the air, through a series of architectural operations related to enclosure and volume. A matrix of tensile structure, interlaced with a variable membrane system, is deployed across the site to create a field condition. These assemblies of structure and skin alternatively expand to create increased volumes of enclosure, or contract to create increased outdoor, exposed space, in reaction to the movement and pressure of the air across the site. Read more »

Cube, Multi-Material Fabrication Exhibition

“CUBE” Exhibition |Brazos Bookstore, 2421 Bissonnet, Houston (2005)

Wang Shuo’s multi-material fabrication works are shown at exhibition – “CUBE” curated by David Guthrie, at Brazos Bookstore, 2421 Bissonnet, Houston, TX Read more »