Beach Exhibit Center

The Exhibit Center is based on a deserted land to the south of Huludao, it is built to re-establish the relationship between the cultural activities and it’s natural environment. 

The main volume of the building is a floating box with floor to ceiling glass curtain on the south side maximizing the panoramic view. The cast-in-place concrete stair-cube, which links the three levels of circulation, also functions as the structural support for the cantilever. It bluntly penetrates the floating box with a 25-degree inclination. 

The building as a whole is a result of the clear deduction and programatic-volumetric combination. Through this speculation, META-Project tries to demonstrate how to catalyze spatial complexity based upon a simplified dynamics, and how to address concerns for the public in a commercial-based project.

LOCATION Huludao, Liaoning
DATE July, 2010 - December, 2011
CLIENT Beijing Capital Group
PROGRAM Reception, Exhibition area, Meeting rooms, Gallery, Cinema, Café/Bar, Covered event space and Beach-sport field
AREA 2500m²
STATUS Construction Complete
DESIGN TEAM Shuo Wang, Jing Zhang, Zhimin Zhou, Fupeng Mei, Cheng Yang, Yuchen Lai, Changyan Lin, Heng Tang
PHOTOGRAPH Su Chen, Chun Fang