under_STREET Parking Tower

The parking structure has captured the imagination of novelists, photographers and film-makers, and yet it re?mains peripheral to our culture, best understood as for?bidding fictional setting or as an often imposing silent building that we encounter along on the way. Car parks are not very appreciate by users (too cold, too dark, too insecure etc..) and this competition hopes to offer a new take on this type of building that is far too quiet.

The point of departure for this alternative parking tower is to understand parking not merely as infrastructural facility, but as an opportunity for redefining the relationship between transportation and public space – as the new metropolitan is anticipating an integrated solution that could combine both. 

Especially in the case of Hong Kong, with it’s hilly terrain, only less than 25% of the island’s land?mass is developed with a population of seven million people, resulted in one of the most extreme high density in the world. A network of pedestrian bridges have elevated the urban surface to a new level. Various activities, such as street bargains, performs, folk arts and crafts… flourishing along the pedestrian streets.
Under such premise, we question how could a parking tower enhance the urban experience. 

Through using parallel spiraling floorplates – parking under street -  the parking lots have switched from a static, dark space to a dynamic, lifted ramp that unfold along the lively urban life, with elevated view of Victoria Bay. 

On lower levels, pedestrian bridges connect to the neighboring buildings.  Residences and visitors from all directions can enter the public surface, on which  street vendors, shopping markets, noisy bars, open-air concerts, wedding ceremonies… all manners of urban life spiraling up in the tower. 
The proposed typology creates a public, complex, multi-use car park tower, which elevates the urban streets to an unprecedented new height. 

It is at the same time a metaphor for the future metropolitan scenario.